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In addition to the FAQs provided by the Department of Health and Human Services and Business Victoria, AIC Vic has put together a list of frequently asked questions that we have received from members this past week.

Can my business still operate during Stage 4 restrictions?

Yes. Conveyancing businesses can still operate, the recommendation is that work now continue from home.

Can my employee come to my home to work?

No, employees must not come to your home to work from there. They must work from their own home.

How do we continue to work with other areas of the industry for example, agents, other conveyancers, electronic platforms?

All businesses in Victoria are affected by Stage 4 restrictions and should now be working remotely. Agents and other conveyancers will be contactable by phone or email. Electronic platforms continue to run as usual.

Can purchasers do a final inspection?

Speak to the selling agent, contracts entered into before the commencement of Stage 4 restrictions that settle during this time will settle as scheduled. The agent will be able to guide the purchaser to complete a virtual final inspection.

Can vendors and purchasers move house?

Yes. Purchasers are vendors can move house. They must comply with restrictions including wearing a face covering, curfew hours, social distancing etc.

Can my client use the services of a removalist?


Can I attend the office from time to time to collect mail, faxes, files etc?

You will need to complete a worker permit and decide what is reasonable when collecting mail from your office. You can collect mail from a PO Box even outside the 5km restrictions.

Mail can be redirected to your home. We suggest having mail redirected to your home for your convenience. See Australia Post Mail redirection.

Can agents conduct private appointments?

No new properties can be listed for sale. All existing on market properties can be viewed on virtual inspections and online auctions.

Can settlements proceed?

Yes. Settlements scheduled before the introduction of stage 4 restrictions can proceed. No new settlements can be scheduled during this time.