AIC VIC Members’ CPC, CPD and RM requirements

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AIC VIC Members’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements

The AIC VIC CPD program enables a professional conveyancer to undertake continuous education to keep up to date with changes in legislation and procedure.

It is a compulsory requirement AIC VIC licensee members to complete 10 CPD points each year. Legal Practitioners must complete CPD every year and AIC VIC is of the view that it is essential for licensed conveyancers to do the same.

The AIC VIC CPD program provides a wide range of options with training in various areas of substantive law and professional development. It is important to note that 5 of the 10 points must be obtained in face-to-face education either through AIC VIC, the Law Institute of Victoria, Leo Cussen Centre for Law or Legalwise.

The AIC VIC CPD year runs from 1 October to 30 September.

Who Must Complete CPD? All AIC VIC members holding a current licence.

What Must You Complete? 5 points (hours) from the Level 1 Education Program and 5 points (hours) from the Level 2 Program. See Requirements for 2023.

Certified Practicing Conveyancer (CPC) Requirement

CPC is a status granted by AIC VIC to its members only. AIC VIC members who have acceptable qualifications and more experience may apply for this status. To retain CPC status a member must complete 10 CPC points (hours) in each membership year.

This is a compulsory requirement to maintain CPC status.

Who Must Complete CPC? All AIC VIC members who have been granted CPC status by the committee.

What Must You Complete? The requirements of the CPC program are decided by the CPC Committee. CPC members must complete 5 points (hours) from the Level 1 Education Program and 5 points (hours) from the Level 2 Program.  

Risk Management (RM) Requirements

The underwriter of professional indemnity insurance (PII) for conveyancers sees the value of running a risk management program developed around the types of claims that arise in the fund and AIC VIC has developed a Risk Management Program to provide education around those risks.

The PII insurer for conveyancers (Vero) has agreed to reduce the premium to licensed conveyancers (whether they are members of AIC VIC or not) who have completed the AIC VIC Risk Management Program (RM) approved by Vero. The RM consists of seminars, workshops, webinars, and videos in the AIC VIC education program which are designated as RM.   

Ten points from the RM program must be completed in the 12 months prior to renewing your PII for you to gain the reduction. Austbrokers Countrywide (the PII broker) verifies with AIC Vic that you have completed the program.

It is not compulsory for licensed conveyancers to complete the RM, however if they would like to take advantage of the premium reductions, you must complete the AIC VIC RM program.

Who Must Complete Risk Management? It is not compulsory to complete the Risk Management Program. All licensed conveyancers are welcome to complete the program if they would like to apply for a discount on their insurance premium.

What Must You Complete? In the 12 months prior to your insurance renewal date, you must complete 10 points (hours) from the Risk Management Program.

PLEASE NOTE that AIC VIC keeps a record of Risk Management Points achieved but not of CPD points. It is up to members to keep a record of their CPD points and provide them to AIC VIC at the end of the CPD year (30 September).