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An ELNO is not a Conveyancer

Order morning coffee – there’s an app for that, check when the bus is coming, there’s an app for that, order kid’s lunches while in transit – there’s an app for that, check out the latest news- there’s an app for that .. get the picture? Apps, smart gadgets are now embedded in our daily life. Certainly simplifying our manner of living by presenting us to efficiency through speed, instantly becoming habitual. Further proven by the present age we live in, where the majority of humans rely on digital developments. Our life is so deeply rooted in the digital that we would be lost without it.

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GST at Settlement common errors & E-Conveyancing

Did you know that the ATO corrects approximately 45,000 forms a year?

The ATO has noticed common form errors being submitted by purchasers and suppliers. It’s important to recognise the common mistakes to provide correct information and prevent processing delays.

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Cyber Security Threats Faced by Businesses

On Monday, 28 February 2022, AIC Vic was lucky enough to have Jane Forsythe, Assistant Director with the Cyber Security Outreach team at the Department of Home Affairs, present a webinar to members on ‘Cyber Security Threats Faced by Businesses’. The presentation by Jane was engaging and provided some interesting cybercrime case studies as week as tips and advice for implementing protective cybercrime measures in the workplace.

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Electronic Conveyancing (Adoption of National Law) Amendment Bill 2022 and the Implications on all Conveyancers

The NSW Parliament scheduled the tabling of Applied Law Legislation into the NSW Parliament for Tuesday 15th February.    AIC National met urgently last Friday afternoon to discuss and consider AIC National view to the recent Electronic Conveyancing (Adoption of National Law Amendment Bill 2021).   Correspondence from AIC National has been submitted and AIC Victoria have supported AIC National.

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2 Easy-to-Implement Automations for Victorian Conveyancers

It is a conveyancer’s job to ensure the due diligence and settlement process is completed in a timely, professional and above all else, accurate manor. One of the most important jobs for any software or search provider is to eliminate any chance of disrupting your workflow by introducing automations.

According to the Australian Government, ‘human error’ is commonly cited as the factor for anywhere between 70 to 100 per cent of incidents in the workplace. And while there are many factors that can influence ‘human error’, in the conveyancing world, a solution to preventing most incidents is by utilising automation.

In today’s modern conveyancing industry, using a practice management software (PMS), like triSearch’s all-in-one conveyancing solution, triConvey, is one of the most efficient strategies to automate the workplace.

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