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Recording – Saturday Seminar 23 – Risky Business


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Originally held on the 9th of July 2022


This session explored some highly relevant topics for Conveyancers such as pre-signing advice, special conditions and off the plan transactions. 

Pre-Signing Advice 

  • Advising clients before signing on Contracts of Sale, the who, what, where, when and how. 
  • Putting your advice in writing. 
  • Charging for your advice.   

Special Conditions 

  • Interpreting special conditions and advising clients. 
  • Developing precedent special conditions. 
  • When to engage a lawyer to assist with drafting special conditions. 

Off the Plan Transaction 

  • Advising clients on off the plan transactions. 
  • How running a conveyancing file for an ‘off the plan’ transaction is different. 
  • Special conditions for off the plan transactions. 
  • Conveyancer obligations in respect of ‘off the plan’ transactions. 


  • Paul Garson, Licensed Conveyancer at Stonnington Conveyancing & AIC Vic Committee Member  
  • Colin McCaul, Special Counsel, Tisher Liner FC Law 
  • David McKenzie, Principal at LMG Lawyers and LIV Accredited Property Law Specialist 


Risk Management Points: 3