Best Practice Groups

AIC Vic has established a number of Best Practice Groups (BPG) across Victoria to provide our members with a way to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in conveyancing.

BPGs meet informally, usually for a meal at a local café where participants can discuss issues relevant to their work, as well as any problems they may be facing. The group provides a friendly, positive forum for information exchange and problem solving.

If you would like to join a group please contact your local BPG organiser.

Non-members of AIC Vic are welcome to attend two BPG meetings to gain an insight into what AIC Vic and the group offers. However, to attend further meetings they will be required to become an AIC Vic member.

BPG Meets Organiser
AIC Head Office  

Jill Ludwell -

Ann Kinnear -

Bayside Hampton

Ros Brodie


Carrum Downs   Leanne Kluyt –

 Sandra Hudson -



Marilyn Imbery - 



Kerrie Fletcher -



Jodie Polik


 Hume/Maribyrnong   Janice Crompton

Maria Corica - 



 Julie Morgan



Paul Garson, Stonnington Conveyancing



Lyn Bollen, Black & White Conveyancing -

Wyndham    Julie Desira