The field of conveyancing offers a number of exciting career paths.


Most commonly, recently qualified conveyancers find employment with a licensed conveyancer, legal firm or legal department within a bank or government institution.

This option provides an excellent starting point for those wishing to gain work experience and build their conveyancing knowledge and skills, in preparation for obtaining a conveyancing license.

Licensed conveyancers can also find employment within a conveyancing business, bank or government institution. This path can offer exciting career opportunities for those seeking to progress within an organisation, without the added responsibilities of running their own business.


Once suitably qualified and experienced, a licensed conveyancer may decide to set up their own conveyancing business.

This option not only requires a high level of competency as a conveyancer, but also a thorough understanding of the legal responsibilities associated with operating a small business. For information on how to run a small business visit Small Business Victoria

AIC Vic recommends that prior to establishing a conveyancing business you:

Whether operating as a company or sole trader, all conveyancing businesses in Victoria must comply with the licensing requirements stipulated by the Business Licensing Authority (BLA).