Member Categories


AIC Vic membership applies to individuals.  Conveyancing companies and businesses are not members.  Legal practitioners are welcome to become associate members.  Staff of conveyancing and legal firms may join as employee members.

A probationary period of 6 months applies to all new members.

Corporate Business Owner Member: A Corporate Business Member is a member who holds a conveyancing licence and operates a conveyancing business and employs conveyancing staff.  A Corporate Business Member is entitled to one vote per corporate licensee member and all other membership benefits.  A second licensee of the business may join at a reduced rate.

Corporate membership allows a licensed conveyancer to join 2 staff as AIC Vic corporate staff members.  These included corporate staff members are entitled to attend AIC Vic education events at a discounted rate.  All other staff will be charged at non-member rates for AIC Vic events.

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Sole Business Owner Member: A sole business owner is a member who holds a conveyancing licence and operates a conveyancing business without employing staff.  A Sole Business Owner Member is entitled to one vote and all other membership benefits.

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Employee Members: An Employee Member is employed as a Conveyancer in a Conveyancing practice or a legal firm or a related industry involved in the advancement of the profession and may or may not be a Licensed Conveyancer.

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Student Member: Enrolled in a current recognised tertiary course, such as the Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing, Diploma of Conveyancing, Associate Diploma of Business (Legal Practice), Bachelor of Law or another course acceptable to the Committee.   A Student category terminates when the course is completed and the member is able to take up the appropriate membership.

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Associate MemberAny person who does not fall into one of the above categories can join as an associate member including current legal practitioners.  Associate members have access to all the benefits of AIC Vic membership with the exception of voting rights.  Associate members may join their staff as employee members.

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Annual Fee(GST inclusive)

Annual Fee With Direct Debit Discount


  • 1 Licensed Business Owner with up to 2 staff
  • 2nd Licensed Business Owner
  • Extra Staff









Sole Licensed Business Owner



Employee Member



Student Member



Associate Member




Licensed business owner members (corporate and individual) are able to use the services of AIC Vic’s retained solicitor. The cost of this service is $600 pa payable quarterly at the same time as the normal fees.