Your Questions Answered During COVID-19

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We have received a great deal of emails from our members offering guidance and support to other members. Key questions and answers below:

Should I ask my staff to take annual leave?

If you have work that needs to be done, then no. Set them up to work from work.

How do I work from home? Do I need to take my files home?

Try and go paperless. n what you need in the files then staff can still work remotely. Alternatively bring your files home as a last resort.

Can I divert my calls?

Yes, you can. Diverting calls can be arranged from a handset to a mobile phone or using an application that allows you to answer your calls when out of the office. Speak to your service provider.

What should I tell my clients?

Tell them exactly how you are operating; email them to inform them that you are still working but the team is now working remotely. Place a note on your email signature noting you are working remotely.


It is recommended that all adjustments should be done well in advance because some council offices may close.

Subject to finance

Keep abreast with subject to finance conditions because there are banks who are proposing to stop valuations because of contact with people in their homes due to lockdown.


Where possible settle transactions as normal and, if necessary, postpone to a mutually agreed date. Clients should be encouraged to make their own enquiries regarding the move and their transport drivers.

Are Real Estate Agencies still open?

For now, they should be. Speak to the agency and confirm any changes to opening hours.