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Client Authorisation and VOI Explained


Client Authorisation

A Client Authorisation is required for each client.  It is good practice to have a Client Authorisation Form completed and signed as soon as is reasonably practicable after receiving instructions from the client to act in a particular transaction.

Completion of the Client Authorisation Form must be completed before:

any digitally signed electronic Land Registry instrument or other document is processed through the electronic workspace, and
a subscriber is authorised to digitally sign electronic instruments and other electronic documents.

The Client Authorisation Form has four distinct sections.  The information on it “is collected under statutory authority and used for the purpose of maintaining publicly searchable registers and indexes”.

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4 Advantages for using eContracts over Traditional Contracts


Technology has significantly evolved in the last decade, with the creation of tools and functions to help the conveyancing industry transition to paperless. One significant stride technology has taken, is the introduction of electronic contracts over the traditional paper-based contracts.

There are many benefits to utilising eContracts in your workflow, these include, time saving, reducing the risk of error, reduced operational costs, security, and importantly convenience for your clients. Read more

Disclosing Information to Owners’ Corporations following Settlement


There appears to be some confusion amongst members as to what information an Owners’ Corporation is entitled to receive on completion of a settlement in Victoria. 

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