AIC Vic is the professional association for Conveyancers in Victoria. We deliver training, industry information and support to our conveyancing community. By fostering the highest standards of professionalism for Victorian Conveyancers, we work for the benefit of our members and the community.

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AIC Vic is a community of professionals striving to provide their clients with great service. As a community we support each other. We invite all conveyancers to become members and experience the difference membership of AIC Vic can make.

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AIC Vic focusses on giving its members support, training and education so chose a conveyancer who cares enough about their clients to belong to the peak industry body.

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Disclosing Information to Owners’ Corporations following Settlement


There appears to be some confusion amongst members as to what information an Owners’ Corporation is entitled to receive on completion of a settlement in Victoria. 

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An ELNO is not a Conveyancer


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About the need for Professional Indemnity:
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