2 Easy-to-Implement Automations for Victorian Conveyancers

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It is a conveyancer’s job to ensure the due diligence and settlement process is completed in a timely, professional and above all else, accurate manor. One of the most important jobs for any software or search provider is to eliminate any chance of disrupting your workflow by introducing automations.

According to the Australian Government, ‘human error’ is commonly cited as the factor for anywhere between 70 to 100 per cent of incidents in the workplace. And while there are many factors that can influence ‘human error’, in the conveyancing world, a solution to preventing most incidents is by utilising automation.

In today’s modern conveyancing industry, using a practice management software (PMS), like triSearch’s all-in-one conveyancing solution, triConvey, is one of the most efficient strategies to automate the workplace.

Below are two simple but effective automations you should expect in a PMS to maximise business efficiency.

1. Due diligence automations

Next Generation Integration

Remembering which due diligence searches to conduct for each matter is instinctual for a conveyancer. However, having to manually type information and separately select each different search you want to order may add to the time it takes to check this off the list. This also adds significant risk of clerical errors that could result in the ordering of an incorrect search, or worse, cause your settlement to fall over.

Using an integrated PMS like triConvey will automatically order titles for you, based on the address of the property. It will also auto-populate the information in the title, so you don’t have to re-key it each time. It is at this stage of manually entering, where ‘human error’ incidents mainly occur, so by automating it in your PMS, you can save yourself, your firm and your client considerable headache.

Contract compiling

Once you have ordered your Searches, being able to compile your contract within the same system is yet another significant time saver. The days of opening separate programs and PDF editors, or worse, manually printing and scanning contracts, should be long gone.

However, for conveyancers still using these methods, the triSearch integration with triConvey can help by giving you the ability to order electronic contracts, edit and organise them live all from the one platform. Using auto compiling will also pre-populate details from your searches and allow you to add or change any information within the contract.

You can import any documents into your contract matter, with the ability to re-arrange it to suit the order you want to have it compiled in. Once ready, you can compile and send the document for signing. The file is also compressed to a smaller size, making it easier to be emailed or uploaded direct into e-signature platforms.

triConvey also saves the file back into your matter and will automatically update it with any eSignatures, once they’re signed, reducing the risk of duplicate copies.

2. Matter management

Document storage & automatic filing

In a world of remote working, automatic and cloud-based document storage has become paramount. Creating folder on your local desktop or printing and filing matter documents is not only an inefficient way to manage your matters but could pose serious risks if you’re unable to access the local computer or office.

Overcome this hurdle by automating this process through a Practice Management System like triConvey.

Using a cloud-based storing system, triConvey creates your matters and automatically files any Searches, emails and other documents related to that matter. You can access these files from any location using your secure login, as well as other staff being able to work on them simultaneously with live updates.

Using Next Generation Integration with Search, Outlook, Adobe and Accounting systems means all the work you do on that matter, regardless of what system you’re working in, will automatically update the Matter and file away the documents. It’s a simple automation that comes standard with triConvey than can change the game when it comes to being organised.

Billing with automated invoicing

Whether you pay your invoices at the end of the month or as they arise, one thing small business owners can’t remove from their schedule, is the billing process.

By using triConvey’s billing system, manual calculations are no longer required. Thanks to Integrations, the system will intuitively assign the correct fees to each matter and give you the ability to preview & edit invoices before they’re sent out.

In one click, the invoice can be generated for an entire matter with all disbursement fees, including any costs worn throughout the matter like VOI and electronic signing, populated with GST included. Next, it’s a matter of selecting it to be sent via email to the client. With powerful integrations into accounting systems like MYOB and Xero, you can also be assured that your clients funds are safe on payment.

These two automations will not only save you time and money but will improve your client relations, modernise your business and certainly spare you from ‘human error’ that may haunt your books and business. Importantly, they will help you achieve results and close matters faster than your competitors.

triConvey is a powerful $0 Conveyancing Software available now. If you want to learn about other triConvey must-have automations you need as a conveyancer, you can download the triSearch ebook on 5 Simple Automations Every Conveyancer Should be Using.

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