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One of the best things you can do for your business is to focus on client experience. Studies have shown there is a very strong relationship between a client’s positive experience and their willingness to repeat spend.

Businesses that offer a high level of customer satisfaction will reap the benefits in terms of revenue, reputation, and referrals.

In this article, we discuss 5 tools that your Conveyancing business can use, through their search platform, to ensure every client experience is a good one.

1. Verification of Identity

Rather than sending your client down to a post office, you can adopt an electronic VOI solution. This removes the manual process of scanning and physical filing and can be done from any location.

Free to download on App Stores, the triVOI app, from triSearch, guides clients through a simple 10-step VOI process, prompting documents and signatures. Since Verification of Identity is one of the first steps in the conveyancing process, by simplifying this historically tedious task, you’re making a great first impression with your clients.

2. Electronic Signing

Today, most people are well accustomed to getting their work done online from anywhere in the world, at any time and on any device.

Electronic signatures allow you to do just that. Digital signing solutions, like SignIT enable your clients to sign documents, agreements, and contracts, electronically from anywhere. Just about any document can be signed electronically, with common uses including Contracts of Sale and Section 32’s in Victoria as well as cost agreements.

By using Electronic Signatures, you save your clients the time of coming to your office to sign and reduce the risk of documents getting lost in the post. Another small step to a great experience.

3. Searches

Purchasing a home is a huge financial investment for your clients. You want them to be as prepared and informed as possible.

On top of your Titles, Plans and Dealings, you have the ability to order Pre-purchase reports, DA Reports and much more.

While this may seem like an unnecessary expense at times, your clients will be thankful when you point out that their dream home is about to get a new ten-story development, blocking their view.

It is all about adding that extra level of service that they won’t receive from your competitors.

4. MoveMeIn

Moving to a new house is often difficult, with your clients trying to juggle a million things. MoveMeIn, available through triSearch, is a free easy-to-use utility connection service designed to make your clients lives easier when moving houses.

By ticking this service when ordering your Searches, MoveMeIn will contact your client to ensure their utilities are set up and running on move-in day. It is a free service and is a great value-add for your clients.

5. Fee Summaries  

Have you ever gotten an invoice and you had absolutely no idea what you were actually paying for?

Your clients are making a large financial decision when buying/selling a home and they too want to know exactly what services they’re paying for.

The triSearch platform has a one-touch fee summary function that details every search and disbursement. This allows you to show your clients, line by line, what they paid for. It allows you to be transparent with your client, earning their respect and confidence.

In summary, businesses that offer a high level of customer satisfaction will reap the benefits. A client that has a positive experience with your business is likely to return for future matters and even refer their own networks. By utilising these tools, along with the mindset of ‘client first’, you can create this positive experience for every client that comes through your door.

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